Barney Canson

Composer / Sound Art / Guitar

MFA Candidate in Electronic Music & Recording Media

Mills College - Oakland California



Selected pieces:

“Goodness Sakes” (2015)

16.5 minutes. Guitar, collage of digital audio tracks.

Gratuitous Meddling (2015) 

33 minutes. Field recordings, guitar, analog synth, digital synth, turntable. 

Kneeling Bus (2014 - present) 

Band with Matthew Mann and Paul Remund. 

Guitar Blow (2013) 

33 minutes. Guitar, amp noise, field recordings. 

Guitar Blues (2013) 

33 minutes. Guitar, amp noise, vocals. 

Science (2011) 

53 minutes. Guitar, beats, field recordings. 

Quartet 1 (2010)